Last lucky liveaboard trip in Layang Layang island

Layang Layang island located 300km northwest of Kota Kinabalu, you find Layang Layang, part of the disputed Spratly Islands.

The island is a true diver's paradise. Though the island is not cheap, it is definitely worth a visit. When you go to Layang Layang, do not expect to arrive at a tropical paradise. The place used to be an active marine base, and until only recent no public visitors where allowed on the 'man-made island'. Because of the splendid diving conditions, Layang Layang is a must-visit destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. There are no tropical beaches on the island; only the naval base, the resort and diving school and the air strip. The (only) resort on the island, Layang Layang Island Resort, is closed from September till February; as during this time the area is being plagued by the monsoon.

Dive and Cruise team members and our returning clients went to Layang Layang in April 2011, onboard of MV DiveMaster (which is now no longer exist.)

Nowadays Layang Layang not allowed live-aboard trips in this region anymore, so if you want to go Layang Layang to explore the amazing underwater world, then land-based resort dive package will be the only choice for you which is not bad as well, so both diver and non-diver can enjoy a really great time together.

The diving in Layang Layang was phenomenal ;-)

Contact us for more information about diving in Layang Layang and land-based resort dive packages.

If you wish to know more about diving in the Layang Layang, maybe you can also have a look at our partner's video from Layang Layang Dive Resort by Lkwid Productions :

Avillion Layang Layang Island Resort (English) from Lkwid Production.


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