Altaïr is a deluxe standard professional dive liveaboard, offering dive trips all around the Red Sea (Egypt & Sudan & Djibouti). It can accommodate 26 guests.

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Altaïr took its first cruise in November 2022, It is a 46.5 meters long, 10.5 meters wide deluxe standard professional dive liveaboard. It is the first boat in the Red Sea made of steel, built according to international standards, safety, stability, insulation and ventilation standards, armed with a double hull and equipped with a bow thruster.

Altaïr favours space and comfort, and is positioned in the luxury segment of dive cruises on which only a few boats operate in the Red Sea.

You can also relax on the sky deck where you will find the jacuzzi. Enjoy the Bar that can provide draft beer, Expresso coffee and cocktails (Mojito).

Altaïr is a member of Technical Diving International and is equipped to provide a wide range of technical diving training and services aboard.

For divers who want to rent an underwater scooter (DPV), it is possible too! In the case of Tech Diving, a scooter allows you to cover more distance at depth, reducing efforts and optimizing gas consumption. You can rent as scooter on board without being certified. Should you wish to learn more about DPVs and get certified, a course is also available on board.

Altaïr also allow certificated solo diver to make solo diving, as long as it's within the limits of your certification and providing all safety protocols are checked at the beginning of the week with our dive guides and the crew.


Altaïr has 13 cabins and can welcome up to 26 divers.

All cabins are equipped with private bathroom, refrigerator, towels, bathrobe and a large window overlooking the outside.

2 Panorama Cabins
Located on the upper deck, each cabin comes with one double bed, panoramic seaview windows.

4 Deluxe Cabins
Located on the upper deck, each cabin comes with one double bed and one single bed, seaview windows.

1 Panorama Cabin
Located on the main deck, each cabin comes with one double bed, panoramic seaview windows.

6 Deluxe Cabins
Located on the main deck, each cabin comes with one double bed and one single bed, seaview windows.


  • Usually offer 3 dives per day, about 16 dives per week
  • No night dives are allowed in the Egyptian Marine Parks
  • Only 1 - 2 dives will be provided on the last diving day.
  • No dives on the day of embarkation and disembarkation.
  • All diving will provide experienced guide to lead the dive.
  • Solo diving only allowed with certification (SDI or PADI).
  • Sidemount only allowed with certification and extra cost.

Other Information

  • Nitrox:Complimentary for all Nitrox divers
  • 15L Tanks:Available with additional cost
  • Rebreather Dive:Available with additional cost.
  • Technical Dive:Available with additional cost.
  • Dive Equipment Rental:Available with additional cost.
  • Dive insurance:Divers must have valid dive insurance
  • Wi-Fi Internet :Complimentary for all guests
  • Laundry Service:Not available at the moment
  • Massage Service:Not available at the moment
  • Payment on board:Cash/Credits cards (EUR/EGP)
  • Crew Number:14 - 16, include 2 - 3 dive guides


Abyssale Attitude | Hurghada - Hurghada

Departing from Hurghada on the Sunday morning, you will cross the Gubal strait right after a check dive to concentrate all dives till the following Friday morning on this northern part of the Red Sea, from the Ras Mohammed national park to Dahab dive sites (weather permitting).

This circuit is accessible to N2 divers (FFESSM) and Advanced O.W. divers with a minimum of 50 dives.

Latitude 27 | Hurghada - Hurghada

Latitude 27 is the only itinerary proposing so many different and famous dive sites! A trip to the most beautiful wrecks and breath-taking walls such as Rosalie Moller, Thistlegorm, Ras Mohammed, Brothers Islands (2 days), Panorama, Abu Kifan…

For Advanced O.W. divers with a minimum of 50 dives

LONGITUDE 34 | Hurghada - Hurghada

Exploring the northern Red Sea area: Shaab El Erg, Siyul, Abu Nuhas wrecks ( Giannis D , Carnatic), Gubal, Rosalie Moller, Thistlegorm, Beacon Rock, Shaab Mahmoudat, Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Panorama Reef, Abu Kifan…

4 divers N1 or Open Water maximum accepted. For N1 or Open Water, PADI Advanced course compulsory or must dive with a guide.

B.D.E (Golden Triangle) | Hurghada or Marsa Alam

Golden Triangle – Dive the Best Top 3 sites in this area: Big and Little Brothers, Daedalus Reef and Elphinstone. (This program is subject to change according to weather conditions or military requirements). For Advanced O.W. divers with a minimum of 50 dives

Dive area include : Ras Disha or Abu Dabbab (Check dive), Brothers Islands, Deadelus, Elphinstone.

Réserves Australes | Hurghada or Marsa Alam

Deadalus, Zabargad, Fury Shoal
Dive area include : Abu Dabab (check dive), Elphinstone, Daedalus, Zabargad, Rocky island, Shaab Sataya, Shaab Maksur, Shaab Claudia, Abu Galawa Kebir, Abu Galawa Soraya, Malahi, Shiliniate etc.


Dive area include : Abu Dabab (check dive), Habili Ali & Habili Jaffa, Gotta Kebir & Gotta Soraya, St John’s caves, Umm Aruk, Shaab Sataya, Shaab Maksur, Shaab Claudia, Abu Galawa Kebir, Abu Galawa Soraya, Malahi, Shiliniate, Elphinstone…


It is unlikely that you will have dived in Elba before: it is a region in the far south of Egypt too far away to be included in the classic cruise programme. You will embark on a 9 or 10 day cruise!

Then the programme includes a day on Saint John before descending for 2 or 3 days to the pristine reefs of Elba, on the border with Sudan. After discovering the wreck of the Levanzo and the magnificent reefs that are no match for those of Sudan, you will sail north again to explore the never before dived sites between Elba and Abu Fendira. The boat will then pass through the Fury Shoals on its way up to Port Galep.


We propose you to discover new dives: Sanganeb, Shaab Rumi, the intact reefs of Suakin and those close to Eritrea, the hammerhead sharks, the incredible wreck of the Umbria, Précontinent 2, the humpback parrots...

over 10 or 15 days, the Deep South cruise offers the same dives as the 1 week itinerary but adds a number of small deserted islands and unknown reefs which are located in the southernmost part of Sudan, on the border with Eritrea. This is an opportunity to discover an unspoilt marine world: Abu Aisa, Dahrat Qab, Darraka, Ed Domesh, Qab Miyum, Ed Dak and finally the extraordinary Dahrat Abid with its spectacular seabed where any encounter is possible.


Djibouti is an extraordinary diving destination where you don't need to look for the clarity of the water in Sudan... Its rich and busy waters, where visibility rarely exceeds 15m, are the ideal place to meet pelagics, starting with whale sharks. From December to March, when the giants gather, Diving Attitude makes your dream come true and takes you on a cruise for dives that are both sporty and full of emotion in these waters at the junction of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean!


Дополнительная информация

Направление Африка и Ближний Восток, Джибути, Египет
Дополнительные услуги Найтрокс, Сайдмаунт Дайвинг, Pебризерах, Технический дайвинг, Camera Station, Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi
Язык общения на борту English, French



Стоимость включает

  • Трансферы из аэропорта и/или отеля на яхту
  • НДС и местные налоги
  • Полный пансион (все питание включено)
  • Питьевая вода, чай, кофе
  • Прохладительные напитки
  • Погружения (включая Баллоны, грузовой пояс, груза)
  • Услуги дайв-гида
  • Найтрокс
  • Наземные экскурсии
  • Страхование несчастных случаев на борту
  • Полотенца и туалетные принадлежности
  • Уборка номеров
  • Wi-Fi
  • Чаевые экипажу корабля

Оплачивается дополнительно

  • Местный перелет
  • Парковый / портовый сбор
  • Топливный сбор
  • Алкогольные напитки
  • Аренда снаряжения
  • Баллон 15л
  • Курсы сертификации на борту
  • Дайвинг-страховка
  • Страхование путешествий


Африка и Ближний Восток


Best time for diving
January to May & September to October, liveaboards operate all year round in Sudan. Hammerhead season peaks from January through April when the sea is at its coolest, while August to October might be the best time for you who want to see mantas. Visibility ranges from 20 meters during the rainy season from May to October to beyond 35 meters during the dry season from November through June.

About temperatures
Air : Sudan experiences mean annual temperatures between 26°C and 32°C, with summer temperatures in the north often exceeding 43°C. Rainfall in Sudan is unreliable and erratic, with great variation experienced between northern and southern regions.
Sea : winter months are between 23°C - 26°C, summer months are between 29°C - 32°C.

Wetsuit Recommendation
In the winter months, a 3 - 5 mm full wetsuit is recommended. In summer months a rash vest or 3 mm shorty wetsuit is recommended.

Diver requirement
Intermediate to Advanced, the Sudanese government requires divers to have logged 50 dives before diving in the country, and AOW certification is a good idea as currents in this region can be strong and some points of interest, such as wrecks and schools of hammerheads, can be deep.
You can find out more information about diving in Sudan here : Africa & Middle East.

Embarkation / Disembarkation
Liveaboards diving in Sudan typically sails from an Egyptian port - Hurghada (HRG), Marsa Alam (RMF), clearing customs at Port Sudan before diving within Sudanese waters begins.

Visa Requirements
Guests need two Egyptian Visa entries, one upon your arrival at the Airport, and the other one upon your arrival back from the Sudan trip. The first Egyptian entry visa you can get on arrival at the International airport. The second one will be arranged & paid onboard. For the Sudan entry Visa, most of the liveaboards will organize for you in advance before arrival to Port Sudan and will be issued & stamped on your passport upon our arrival to Port Sudan.

The CDC and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Sudan: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, and influenza.

Money Matters
The local currency is the Sudanese pound (SDG). However, since Sudan liveaboard trips start and end in Egypt, you will not need any SDG. The only chance you’ll touch Sudan land is when you decide to visit the lighthouse of Sanganeb reef.

Drone operations are not regulated in Sudan. Please refer to Drone Laws in Sudan for more details.

Extending your holiday
We offer a range of hotels/resorts, land-based diving packages, and excursions that can be arranged before or after your liveaboard holiday. Just ask us if you need such a service.


Visa : All visitors to Djibouti are required to have a visa. Nationals of any country - except India, Syria and Yemen - can obtain a visa on arrival, valid for one month and granted on single entry basis. The cost is 90 USD. Tourist visa can also be obtained at the Consulate of Djibouti in your home country. However, if you need more information about visas, please contact the Sir Lanka embassy or consulate near you.

Diving Period : Year-round, the best Whaleshark encounters are especially common from mid October to early February evey year. Visit from mid October‘s visibility is poor. Visibility during summer time is better, but there's less chance of seeing the whale sharks and weather is very hot. October to January is whale shark season. During February to October liveaboards visit other regions.

Currents : Currents can be strong on the exposed dive sites, especially the 7 Brothers dive sites.

Depth Range : 5 - 40 meters

Visibility: 5 - 30 meters

Suitable Level : Intermediate to Advanced. Some dive sites are deep and currents can be strong. (For Non-Whaleshark Encounters itinerary)

Water Temperature : Averages 27 - 29°C throughout the year, 3mm wetsuit or rash guard or lycra suit recommended for diving.

What to Expect : Whalesharks, dolphins, Grey and Nurse Sharks, Bat fish, eagle ray, and manta rays, reef fish, beautiful corals. Tiger and Blue Sharks have occasionally been seen.

Getting there : Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (JIB) is the main airport, connects Djibouti with Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It also has flights to Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Puntland, Somaliland, Tanzania, Egypt, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen. Air France and Djibouti-based Daallo Airlines operates flights to Paris.


Время для посещения: Дайвинг-сафари предлагаются в течение круглого года.

Климат: В Египте различают два сезона - «зимний» с ноября по март, когда температура воздуха днем находится на средней отметке 20°-22°С, а ночью может опускаться до 10°-12°С, и «летний», с марта по ноябрь, когда столбик термометра может достигать дневных отметок в 40°-42°С.

Температура воды: С декабря по апрель температура воды находится в пределах 20°-22°С, а в летние месяцы может достигать 27°-28°С.

Визы: Граждане РФ, Украины, Казахстана могут получить визу сроком до 30 дней по прибытии ($25), некоторые сафарийные суда также предоставляют визовую поддержку и помощь в получении визы. Гражданам Белоруссии, не путешествующим в составе организованной группы, виза по прилету не выдается и должна быть оформлена заранее либо с помощью визовой поддержки от сафарийного корабля.

Логистика: Основные международные аэропорты - Каир (CAI), Хургада (HRG), Марса Алам (RMF).

Валюта: Официальная валюта Египта - египетский фунт (EGP). Широко доступен обмен валют и оплата банковской картой.

Форма одежды: Рекомендуется одеваться исходя из сезонов, так как в зимние месяцы по вечерам может быть достаточно холодно, а в летние нужна максимальная защита от палящего солнца.

Электричество: Разъем Тип C (два круглых штыря), 220V, 50Hz.



Шикарная сафарийная яхта Lucy предназначена для любителей роскоши и утонченного отдыха. Lucy предлагает дайв-сафари в Судане и Джибути индивидуальным дайверам и группам до 22 человек. Во время сафари возможна организация курсов сертификации.

Красивая деревянная двухмачтовая шхуна, Elegante верна своему имени! Полностью реконструированная летом 2009 года, эта 25-метровая яхта под итальянским менеджментом совершает дайв-сафари в Судане и Джибути и размещает на борту группу до 14 человек.

Cафарийная яхта Nemo является частью флота Dune и предлагает дайв-сафари в Красном море. При индивидуальных бронированиях желательно владение французским или английским языками.

Don Questo is a comfortable standard liveaboard, offering scuba diving trips in Sudan. It can accommodate 17 guests.

Felicidad II is a comfortable standard liveaboard, offering scuba diving trips in Sudan. It can accommodate 16 guests.

Nouran is a comfortable standard liveaboard, offering scuba diving trips all around the Red Sea (Egypt & Sudan). It can accommodate 24 guests.

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