Mutiara Laut is one of the most luxurious Schooners in Indonesia, it mainly offers luxury charter trips all around the country, accommodating up to 14 guests.
Дата С 04/03/19 по 15/03/19
Длительность 11 ночей
Яхта Mutiara Laut
Направление Северный Сулавеси
Отправление Gorontalo
Прибытие Bitung
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Mutiara Laut is a classic two-mast schooner that recalls romantic oceanic adventures of yore and is carefully constructed to cater to your every sea-faring fantasy, offering luxury private yacht charters to the most remote islands of Indonesia on a classic two-mast schooner - traditional wooden “Phinisi-boat”.

Anyone looking for an adventure of a lifetime or an amazing diving holiday, Mutiara Laut is your ideal choice.

The large, 60 sq meters open deck area is custom-made for leisure-time where you can sunbathe or relax with a book on the extra-large day-beds or sit down with friends at the informally placed tables for a bite to eat or a sundowner.

The main deck, the 36sq meter saloon consists of a lounge and “briefing area” and is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a large LCD TV, library and lounge area. Offers all possible amenities for meetings and comes complete with all the necessary media facilities for presentations or entertainment events.

There is also an intimate dining room that seat 14 people at exotic, finely-carved wooden tables. Rather than the typical live aboard buffets, you can choose from daily a la carte menus. The chefs will create a delicious nouveau-fusion of traditional western dishes, Indonesian cuisine and culinary influences from further afield such as Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Mutiara Laut will always offer dive from the 5 meter (15 feed) zodiacs. It will be spacious, very stable, hard-bottomed and will have comfortable benches with a special tank set up and equipped with tailor made boarding ladder. And fresh hot shower will be available on the deck for guests use.

Mutiara Laut offer plenty of water-based sporting activities to indulge in such as kayaking, waterskiing, fishing, diving and snorkeling.

Mutiara Laut also can offer professional Spa treatment onboard with extra cost to let any leftover stress out of your system, while you enjoy the beautiful ocean views or the privacy of your cabin.

Other onboard Activities also including:

Cooking courses: Highly trained chefs introduce you to the culinary secrets of Asian cuisine.

Games: A wide choice from Pictionary to Trivial Pursuit.

Language courses: Loosen your tongue in a different argot for a change.


Mutiara Laut has 7 beautifully crafted air-conditioned cabins, it can accommodates up to 14 guests on board:

All cabins are fully air-conditioned and equipped with en-suite bathrooms, ample locker space, as well as a study corner with a desk and internet-connected computer.

1 VIP Suite :
It contains a king-sized bed, elegant desk, big comfortable sofa and fully-stocked bookshelves. Walk-in wardrobes provide more than enough storage for long passages at sea. Its great en-suite facility makes sure this suite is worth its name.

4 Deluxe Double Suites :
Each contains a double bed and a settee/sofa that converts into an extra single bed. All with sofas, dressing tables and en-suite facilities. Self-contained with its own en-suite head compartment and abundant storage space, it also has ample shelving and hutches with plenty of reading material for long voyages.

2 Deluxe Twin Suites :
Each contains two single beds that can be also converted into double bed. Both with sofas, dressing tables and en-suite facilities. Self-contained with its own en-suite head compartment and abundant storage space, it also has ample shelving and hutches with plenty of reading material for long voyages.


  • Diving will be provided according to guest‘s wish and depending on conditions.

  • Normally, no dive provided on the day of arrival and departure.

  • All diving will provide experienced guide to lead the dive.

  • Divers must bring dive computer & SMB with them on board.

Other Information

  • Nitrox:Available with additional charge
  • 15L Tanks:Available with additional charge
  • REBREATHER Dive:Not available at the moment
  • Technical Dive:Not available at the moment
  • Dive Equipment Rental:Available with additional charge
  • Dive insurance:Divers must have valid dive insurance
  • Wi-Fi Internet : Available with additional charge
  • Laundry Service:Available fo free during the cruise
  • Massage Service:Available with additional charge
  • Payment on board:Cash (USD/EUR/IDR) or credit card
  • Crew Number:16 persons, include 3 dive guides

Каюты и стоимость

Стоимость включает

  • Баллоны с воздухом, грузовой пояс, груза
  • Ежедневная уборка
  • Трансфер с/на яхту в день начала/окончания сафари
  • Питьевая вода, чай, кофе
  • Прохладительные напитки
  • Курсы сертификации на борту
  • Аренда снаряжения
  • Услуги дайв-гида
  • Топливный сбор
  • Ужин в предпоследний день сафари
  • Наземные экскурсии
  • Страхование несчастных случаев на борту

Оплачивается дополнительно

  • Местный перелет
  • Алкогольные напитки
  • Чаевые экипажу корабля
  • Дайвинг-страховка
  • Страхование путешествий
  • Баллон 15л
  • Найтрокс
  • Парковый/портовый сбор

Дополнительная информация

Направление Раджа Ампат, Комодо, Море Банда, Бали и Ломбок
Дополнительные услуги Nitrox support, Camera station, Internet, Water Toys, Massage or Spa, Laundry, Fishing gear
Язык общения на борту English


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