Kalimantan Explorer is not in operation anymore.
Дата С 01/07/24 по 04/07/24
Длительность 3 ночи
Яхта Kalimantan Explorer
Направление Индонезия
Отправление Pangkalan Bun
Прибытие Pangkalan Bun
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Kalimantan Explorer is a 19 meters long, 3.3 meters wide traditional Klotok, built in July 2008 and renewed in November 2011. It is one of the largest klotok operating in Tanjung Putting, which is located in the heart of the jungle of Borneo.

This powerful Kalimantan klotok renovated with the finest handmade and recycled resistant tropical hardwoods by master boat builders Ara Buginese Tana Beru, South Sulawesi.

This magnificent klotok is the essence of the traditional boats that have plied for decades the Spice Islands with all the comforts and security that one would expect from a boat in its class.

Kalimantan Explorer has a simple but practical decor, there is a large outdoor deck at the stern, delicious fusion of East and West, the smiles and professionalism of its crew, a perfect combination to discover the Tanjung Putting secrets. As it provide a range of services just like a small floating hotel to suits all the needs of a discerning traveler's profile.


Kalimantan Explorer has 2 cabins only, can accommodate up to 6 guests:

It is perfect for families, small group of friends, natural lovers who wish to discovery the beauty of Borneo.

Aura Suite :
Spacious cabin located on the aft of the boat, can cater up to 3 adults or family with kid.
It has 1 double bed + 1 extra single bed, air conditioning, pravite bathroom with hot water, mosquito net and soundproofing.

Solaria Tendon :
Located on the upper bow of the boat and away from the engines.
During the day this area is a relaxing, common room, at night turns into a cabin/tent with a double bed for 2 adults, stay closed with mosquito and tarpaulins.

Orangutan Tour

  • English Speaking local guides
  • Visit orangutan rehabilitation center
  • Please carry a photocopy of the first 3 page of your passport.
  • Please respect the rules of the National Park
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink in front of the animals
  • Stay away from animals - min. 5 meters
  • Do not touch the animals or plants.
  • Do not leave litter including cigarette butts.
  • Respect the silence, do not speak aloud.
  • It's forbidden to swim in the river because of the danger of crocodiles

Other Information

  • Land tours:Yes, included in the cost.
  • Crew Number:3 + 1 tour coordinator
  • Payment on board:By cash Only (USD/IDR).

Каюты и стоимость

Класс каюты Стоимость
Private 6 pers $397.49
Private 5 pers $418.18
Private 4 pers $424.71
Private 3 pers $435.60
Private 2 pers $490.05
Private 1 pers $980.10

Стоимость включает

  • Трансферы из аэропорта и/или отеля на яхту
  • Парковый / портовый сбор
  • Топливный сбор
  • Полный пансион (все питание включено)
  • Прохладительные напитки
  • Наземные экскурсии
  • Страхование несчастных случаев на борту

Оплачивается дополнительно

  • Местный перелет
  • Бесплатный алкогольный напиток за ужином
  • Прохладительные напитки
  • Страхование путешествий
  • Чаевые экипажу корабля

Дополнительная информация

Направление Юго-Восточная Азия
Дополнительные услуги
Язык общения на борту English


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